7 Tips for Taking Exams Online

Some of your exams may be completed online. Learn more about the formats your exams may be in, the tools you may need, and tips for being successful completing exams through distance learning.

1. Take a breath 

You can do this! Spend a few minutes exploring the Wellness app for some stress-relieving tips. Stay healthy by getting adequate rest, nutrition, and exercise. Take proactive steps to take care of yourself.

Masked student working on a laptop outside.

2. Check your tech

Make sure you'll have all the tech you'll need in the location where you will take your exam. For concerns about WiFi bandwidth at home, check out resources for internet access and consider talking to roommates or family members about limiting other use of the internet during your exam. 

3. Control your environment

Have proactive discussions with your family, friends, roommates, etc. about creating a distraction-free space 

4. Understand the format

Not all finals are exams. You might create a video, a presentation, a flyer, or some other interesting product. You have a large set of tech tools to help you. Connect with tech tutors to help when you aren’t sure about how to use your technology or want to bounce around some of your creative ideas.

5. Protect the integrity of your work 

The academic integrity of your final exams and projects is really important to preserve fairness and honor the hard work you’re putting in. As such, some final exams may require remote proctoring using Proctorio or similar remote proctoring tools. Be sure to check the syllabus or ask your instructor about final exam expectations. Similarly, for written assignments or projects Turnitin may be used to ensure academic integrity. 

Student on a Zoom call while sitting on the front porch

6. Know the tools

If exams require Proctorio, explore Tips for Taking Your Exam with Proctorio. There are some simple things you can do to make it a very smooth process. If your department or program uses an alternative tool, such as Examsoft, you should receive information from your instructor. More information and resources can be found on Keep Learning’s Tools page. 

7. Prioritize your work

You might have a lot of exams/finals to coordinate. What due dates are coming up first? Make a smart decision about how to best spend your time. Leverage tools like Microsoft To-Do or Microsoft Planner. Learn more about digital literacy and time management.